Setup Guide

Blendingbot is a service that manages your margin lending activities on the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange. In order to use Blendingbot, you must have a Poloniex account that is set up for lending.

1. Create a Poloniex Account

If you don't already have a Poloniex account, click here to create one.

2. Fund your Poloniex account

You must transfer coins you already own from another address or wallet into your Poloniex address. Go to the Deposits & Withdrawals page and click "Deposit" for the currency you'd like to transfer. Then transfer coins from your existing address to the Deposit Address shown on Poloniex.

3. Transfer funds into your Lending Account

In order to margin lend, your coins must be in your Poloniex Lending account and not in your Exchange or Margin accounts. Navigate to the Poloniex Transfers page and transfer your coins to your Lending account.

Transfer Balance

4. Enable Poloniex API access

Navigate to the API page and click "Enable API". You'll be prompted to confirm this action via email. After clicking through the email confirmation, click "Create New Key". You'll also have to confirm this action via email.

Click Enable API Create New Keys

5. Connect your API keys to Blendingbot

You should now see your API Key and Secret. In the options section of the Poloniex API page, make sure to disable the "Enable Trading" and "Enable Withdrawals" options. This will ensure that our bot will only have permission to offer loans on your behalf. Copy and paste your API Key and Secret into the API section of the Blendingbot dashboard, then click "Connect". This will automatically enable your bot.

Disable Options

6. (Recommended) Whitelist your Bot IP

If you have two-factor authentication enabled on Poloniex, you may restrict IP Access for your API credentials. If you enable this feature, make sure to whitelist the IP of your bot. Your Bot IP is listed in the API section of your dashboard. We highly recommend enabling two-factor authentication and IP whitelisting.

If you have any other questions, please contact