Earn interest on your cryptocurrencies

Turn idle coins into profitable loans in minutes. Blendingbot automates and manages your Poloniex margin lending.



Provide your Poloniex API keys to connect your account. We never trade or withdraw your funds.

What is Poloniex?


Tell us what you’d like to lend and your target return. We’ll figure out the rest.

Automate intelligently


Start and stop your bot with the push of a button.

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Why use blendingbot?

Built by a team of experienced traders and cryptography engineers to get you the best returns.

Higher Returns

Our algorithms find you the best returns by intelligently adjusting loan rates, loan duration, and likelihood of order fills.

Always Working

Automatically re-issue coins when your loans mature. Automatically adjust rates when prices move. Eliminate manual work.

Protection Against Manipulation

Blendingbot detects spoof orders and flash price movements. Our pricing engine adjusts accordingly.

Made For You

Choose your own minimum loan rate and maximum durations for every currency you want to lend.

What is Poloniex?

Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to lend bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to traders who use them for margin trading. Your coins are usually lent out for 2 days or less. Poloniex offers API access to your account so bots like us can help you lend Robot emoji Party emoji

If you don’t have a Poloniex account, we recommend you learn more about margin lending first. You should create a Poloniex account. Blendingbot is not affiliated with Poloniex.

Is Blendingbot secure?

We'll walk you through creating your Poloniex API keys so we don't have permission to make trades or withdraw funds on your behalf. We encrypt all data and only communicate over secure protocols. Our team has years of experience in payments and cybersecurity.

See our Security page for more details on how seriously we take security.